Educational philosophy

 Our Educational Philosophy

It’s about inspiration. Opening our children’s eyes to the world, instilling in them that same passion for learning that we ourselves have. We’re developing the minds of our future leaders and decision-makers, and the methodology we choose will directly impact our society’s development in the years to come. Our role as education specialists is not merely to impart knowledge but to facilitate the development of critical thinking, encouraging children to explore and make connections through a dynamic process of Socratic elicitation.

It’s about integration. We at Forsan Alelm  strongly believe in the importance of an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to education. The issues of our modern world transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines and demand the power of integration within and across them.


. History, for example, is not an isolated chronology of events, it’s a rich tapestry of human interactions, an illustration of how multiple independent cultures developed simultaneously and how the interrelationship of ideas and events lead to parallel sociopolitical evolution. And as Thucydides wrote, history repeats itself. We need to instill in our children a deep understanding of the sweeping cycles of global history - the cultural, political, and economic developments of our past - to fully equip them to deal with our future.

It’s about community. Education is powerful - it inspires people and brings them together, gives a sense of purpose and mission. A well-run school is a source of pride and joy in its community, a self- reinforcing power that promotes the support and involvement of parents, cultural centers, universities, and local businesses. Education is not just about bettering our children, it’s about bettering our society.

But most of all, it’s about development. Academic, mental, and emotional development. Education is holistic and needs a focused and dynamic methodology to succeed. An extended school day and year, small class sizes, looping, strong focus on academic fundamentals, teaching to multiple intelligences, personalized learning plans, and technology integration - all these are critical parts of a full and dynamic educational strategy.

In sum, it is no secret that the quality of education is declining. we at Forsan Alelm  nd this heartbreaking. Yet this presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to push forward with an ambitious vision of educational reform - to drive education forward, lift standards, improve

competitiveness, and be at the forefront of sweeping educational reforms both in Saudi Arabia  .

It’s a very exciting time to be in education