English Language Program

English Language Teaching Program
Let's talk frankly, we all know that it is English fluency that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Students need to learn English, and parents will only spend their money on the best level of English language education. We have an innovative program for teaching English that keeps pace with changes and is effective. Modern methods of teaching English based on research work give you an advantage over the rest. Your colleagues, pave the way for success.
The English language program at Forsan Al-Alam is based on years of specialized teaching experience in the field. It has been developed by specialists from our experts to give our students a better level and more integration than English language teaching.
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Creative spirit
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In order to give the English language program to the knights of the right, we should say: it is an integrated framework of the best international educational methods and refined to suit the unique nature of Saudi Arabia.
Learning English effectively means that the teacher transfers information from the book to the students in the classroom, but actually means that the students communicate with the material they received and fit in with the lesson effectively.
In the methodology we adopt, our teachers build their lessons on a structure of effective and experiential teaching strategies based on research-based methods, techniques to increase students' ability to focus, and to develop fast and effective learning.

Linguistic integration
When you rely on the most efficient English language and English language teaching programs, but without practicing, integrating and coexisting with it, it becomes a useless effort.
Most English language teaching programs use teachers who are not native speakers and those who speak Arabic, and who spend 90% of their time using Arabic, so students learn the English they receive in the classroom but are never able to practice.
How do we know how to learn?

Curriculum development
All English language teaching programs need a guide in a textbook that is a means of achieving continuity within the program and is returned to it when needed. The Out of the International.