Strategic educational

Our Strategic Educational Methodology

At Forsan Alelm  we’ve developed a unique strategic educational methodology for our students ..  It’s designed to not only meet but surpass the rigorous academic standards required for entry into the best universities in the world.


The essence of the methodology is an innovative and fully-integrated eight-part framework known as The 8 Pillars:



  1.  Student Achievement

The Forsan ALelm  methodology directly leads students to achieve rates of educational improvement substantially greater than they have achieved prior to enrolling at our customers’ schools, and better than achieved at surrounding schools.


Part of this success stems from continuous and challenging instruction in core subjects that improves student performance.  Teachers instruct students in reading (including phonics for K-2), writing, mathematics, science, and social studies every day, using cutting-edge research-based curricula and leading  best-practices including teaching to the Multiple Intelligences - a foundation for recognizing and making the most of individual students’ different abilities and talents.


  1. Extended Learning Time

Forsan Alelm  approach to improving student learning includes the unique step of extending the school day by one hour and the school year by 20 days.


Educational research shows that many students need additional time to master academic skills and assimilate/internalize academic knowledge, so other educational methodologies typically leave students unprepared for examination and at a sever academic disadvantage.


Our methodology of an extended school day and year enables our customers’ students to graduate from High School with the equivalent of almost four years more schooling than other children - putting them far above students in other schools, and making them a natural choice for selection by the top Saudi and international universities.



  1. Secure Environment

One of the key pillars of our educational methodology is the provision of emotionally and physically safe learning environments.


We recognize that effective academic instruction requires an orderly environment focused on learning.  Furthermore we understand that schools have an important role to play in supporting parents’ efforts to teach their children principles of excellence.


So we at Forsan Alelm  are committed to a methodology that provides our customers‘ students with a firm sense of belonging and a feeling of significance, one that promotes a feeling of safety and security, and supports an environment in which students can learn, grow, and thrive.



  1. Professional Development

The Forsan Alelm  methodology dictates that our customers recruit, train and are committed to retaining star teachers and talented leaders in educational management.


Teachers are highly-qualified, experienced individuals with a strong commitment to instilling a love of learning in their students.  One of the key character traits of the teachers we recruit for our customers is that they are dedicated to personal life-long learning and self-improvement, who keep themselves at the forefront of current educational research, tools, and  teaching methods.


To support this, our educational methodology provides  our students ‘ teachers with 15-20 days of professional development each year - twice the number of most public schools.  As a result, our students ‘ teachers are by far the best in the education profession.



  1. Community Support

Another unique and key pillar of our educational methodology is our commitment to building the support of the local community.  Our students  schools act in partnership with elements of their immediate community - local community groups, cultural centers, universities, school districts, and businesses - to enlist these elements’ insight, professionalism, and commitment to providing world-class education for all children.


Furthermore we strongly believe that a school itself is a central part of any community, and that a well-run, successful school can be a source of pride and joy to the community around it.  This strong, dynamic two-way school-community relationship is what really marks out our customers’ private schools from their competition.



  1. Integrated Technology

Forsan Alelm  methodology provides students with unprecedented access to computers, to the Internet, and to the latest in-class technological teaching tools.  As a result of this, our ‘ students demonstrate significantly enhanced learning success.


And combining high-tech learning tools with rigorous training in essential IT skills enables the students to gain full and rapid competency from an early age.  This then will allow them to fill the urgent need in the modern workplace for analytical employees with high levels of computer-literacy and broadly-informed problem-solving abilities. 


Put simply, our methodology’s emphasis on integrating technology into the  school curricula guarantees that our customers‘ students are not only academically superior but technologically superior too.



  1. Parent Involvement

Forsan Alelm  strongly believes - and the latest global education studies agree with us - that a close, positive  connection between home and school is crucial to maximize student academic performance.  Our methodology promotes the active engagement of parents in their children’s education, both in a supportive capacity and as an extension of the dynamic, potential-enhancing atmosphere of our school environments.


Every child needs stability, continuity, and a motivating home atmosphere, and our methodology ensures that teachers regularly conduct dynamic goal-setting sessions with individual children and their parents.  This positively aligns the two environments - school and home - and ensures full co-operation of parents‘ in the academic success of the students.


This unmatched dedication to parent involvement is what really marks out the Forsan Alelm  methodology, and is a key factor in parents choosing our students ‘ schools over their competitors‘ schools.



  1. Unique Education System

The other seven pillars, while superior in themselves, are nothing without the 8th Pillar - our unique and potential-enhancing education system.  It’s the Forsan Alelm  core curriculum that really sets the stage for the academic superiority of students taught by our educational methodology.


Our system provides an arena for reflective discourse on the common good and application of social values, enabling students to define their roles and responsibilities as enlightened citizens.  It increases a student’s ability to write, classify, interpret, analyze, summarize, evaluate, and present information in well-reasoned ways.


The system is powerful because it recognizes, cultivates, and celebrates the potential and success of each unique student.


Leading educational research studies document the correlation between a strong academic program anchored in its core curriculum and superior standardized tests. Rather than relegate the humanities and foreign language to the periphery of the curriculum, our methodology specifically integrates them into its interdisciplinary center, leading to a high-standard of academic ability in all curriculum subjects.